Archie Rose Virgin Cane Spirit

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Virgin Cane Spirit is the first Limited Release product from Archie Rose Distilling Co. in Sydney, inspired by French Colonial Rhums of old. Unlike conventional unaged rums that use molasses, Virgin Cane Spirit is made from freshly cut and pressed green sugar cane, which is fermented and then distilled.

The packaging celebrates this rare spirit-making tradition with a label design that offers customers a closer look at the journey from harvest to distillation.

Archie Rose founder Will Edwards talks of the laborious process – “Locally-grown Australian green sugar cane is cut and pressed into fresh juice within 12 hours of harvest. Selected yeast strains are added immediately to kick off the fermentation process and the juice is transported to the distillery, already fermenting overnight. The fermented wash is then triple distilled in our copper pot stills”.

This grass roots approach to the distilling process is attributed to the seasonality of the raw ingredient and the laborious journey required to pull it off. Hence, Virgin Cane Spirit is a limited release of only 2,000 bottles, making it a very rare and boutique spirit.

With the first Limited Release spirit out in the wild, we’re very keen to see what the fellas at Archie Rose are cooking up for their next release!


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Photography by Lucas Peng
Illustration by Jamie Browne