Archie Rose x Horisumi

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Introducing the Archie Rose X Horisumi limited release rare gin series, a collaboration between Archie Rose Distilling Co. and acclaimed tattoo artist Horisumi, which celebrates the Japanese seasons.

The first in the series – Autumn, tells the story of the Kiku flower and the autumn gift of the fallen maple leaf. Meanwhile, the strong Koi fish makes its way upstream to evolve into the form of a mystical dragon, all captured in Horisumi’s Irezumi tattoo style.

Squad Ink worked with both the artist himself and the Sydney-based distillery to create packaging that was a true reflection of the individual crafts people who created this rare product and the partnership that formed this unique collaboration.

A hero feature of the gin series is a 360-degree recessed label across the body, which gave us maximum area to show off Horisumi’s incredible artwork. It’s also a useful handgrip area for bar tenders.

In Japan, it’s disrespectful to reveal your tattoos in public, which is why people never tattoo their faces or hands. We respect this tradition through the Furoshiki wrap which tastefully conceals Horisumi’s art. In Japan, Furoshiki is commonly used to wrap parcels of food or gifts, which is quite fitting for this very sharable and collectible gin series.

The limited 200 bottles with Furoshiki wraps for Winter sold out in an impressive 24 minutes.


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Art by Horisumi – Kian Forreal
Photography by Nikki To
& Lucas Peng
Video by Tim Green, Howling Content