Be Centre – Creative therapy for kids

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Be Centre is a not-for-profit organisation helping children to overcome emotional challenges through the use of play and creative therapy. The dedicated team at Be Centre pour their hearts and souls into helping kids express themselves, giving them a chance to grow into positive young adults. 

It is this dedication that inspired us to bring the Be Centre story to life and share it with the world through imagination and the wonder of stop-motion animation.  

As kids, we all marvelled at the unlimited possibilities that craft offered. We have fond memories of watching Play School whilst cutting up paper and felt, eating Clag Glue and making little plasticine creatures. Great times right? Now as adults, we wanted to re-visit playtime and create a unique story that speaks to the kid in all of us. 

This hands-on project required every character and scene to be constructed from scratch. A mysterious owl, state-of-the-art rocket and psychedelic snail make up the colourful cast who grace this magical stage.

We’d like to send out a special shout out to our co-creator Tim Green – you’re a true talent and a saint for following us down the rabbit hole.

3,457 stills and 465 hours later, we are very proud to share our creation with you. Enjoy!


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Stop motion animation


Co-Created by
Tim Green

Script by
Andrew Georgiou, Copy&Co

Supporting production by
Thea Powell & Tobi Skerra

Post production by
Julian Burgess

Music composed by
Dave Barber, Uncanny Valley

Sound design by
Matt Perrott

Lead voice over by
Remy Van Stom

Supporting voice overs by
Luka Van Stom & Josephine Steele