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Located at the Glebe Tramsheds, DUST Bakery strives to restore bread to the rightful heart of our tables, meals, families and lives by reviving traditional methods of bread-making that are far more nutritious and sustainable than your lifeless supermarket loaf.

The artisan bakery has emerged from the fruits of a friendship between third generation baker, Chez (Cesare Salemi) and artisan gelato maker Nick Palumbo from Gelato Messina.

Chez’s journey thus far has been an inspiration to emerging local bakers; working with farmers and grain suppliers throughout the country on growing new varieties in a bid to shake off the unhealthy stigma of bread. As Chez preaches “Bread is broken. Let’s fix it!” At Dust, Chez is stone-milling an array of lesser-known grains on-site and considers himself as “merely a servant of the grain” which shows his commitment to promoting sustainable grain varieties and unlocking their remarkable health benefits.

This is the reason we love what we do here at Squad Ink. It’s all about working alongside inspiring artisans like Chez and the Messina team to shake things up and better the world one tasty loaf at a time!


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