The Grounds Granola

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Since settling into their new home, the farm animals of The Grounds have built up quite a following. Oinking, clucking and bleating their way into patron’s hearts, these loveable larrikins have become social media regulars. This presented a unique opportunity for the team at Squad Ink to turn them into the alternative ambassadors of The Grounds’ newest range of goodies.

This nutritious granola cereal was the first product to be launched. Opting for an oversized ‘milk carton’ pack, we playfully fashioned the angled top into the pitched roof of a traditional chicken coop. The warm yellow and red hues and bold illustration of the Rooster radiates the positivity of the morning sun; a time when his boisterous alarm call brings everyone together around the breakfast table.

We’re working with The Grounds on other products launching later this year. We’ll cock-a-doodle-doo-you when they hit the shelves!


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